Safe and Sound


I often find myself craving stillness. If my feet aren’t dashing about to where they are supposed to be (against the will of the voice in my head which would really rather just have a little kip), then my head is darting about one hour, three days, ten years down the line. I always have about 27 tabs open on Google Chrome, and the same applies to my internal monologue. A pause button, or maybe a mute, would go down a treat.

So when I think of heaven, I tend to think of it as being able to sleep- properly sleep, not wake-up-every-hour-sleep or nightmare-ridden-sleep- at Jesus’ feet. For the first time, I will truly know that there is no more work to do, no more pretence to uphold, and no more disappointment to feel with myself or with the world as it is. All that jarring, that sense that life shouldn’t have this much pain or this much falseness, will be a thing of the past. I have been astoundingly blessed that  my friend Kate painted this home-coming of mine after we spoke the other week about how we imagined the New Creation. She can express divine beauty in ways that transcend words. I, unfortunately, can only respond within the limits of human language. But here’s a shot in that direction:

Safe and sound

No more the blare of alarm,

Awaking for morning purge

With shower gel and toothbrush on

A feigned smile.

No more the heft of to-dos,

Hardened by regret,

And braced stiff for disappointment.

No more the contortion

For someone else’s dream

(my nightmare).

No more the hoop-jumping

Which, corset-like, steals my air.

No more the fear of failure,

Or being left behind.

The trumpets sound,

And then, lullabies.

My surrender now complete.

I surrender to your peace.

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One Response to Safe and Sound

  1. Kate Green says:

    no more the hoop jumping, which corset – like, steals my air……… fave x2 lines!

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